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Monday, March 31, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Lakeside Retreat" Jackie's Jewels

I have an awesome kit to show you today!  It's called "Lakeside Retreat" and is by the fabulous Jackie's Jewels!  This kit is gorgeous with tones of brown, blue & green perfect for fishing/lakeside tags =)  I've also included some free snags for you that you can find at the end of this post.  I have paired this kit with tubes from Amy Matthews & Alex Prihodko.  You can find Amy Matthews tubes at CDO and Alex Prihodko tubes at PFD!  You can purchase "Lakeside Retreat" at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse HERE on sale for $1.75!  Get it before the sale ends!!  Here's a preview of the kit:

And here's some free snags for you (make sure you click on the image to save the full size so my copyright doesn't get distorted!):

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Friday, March 28, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Queen of Hearts" by PinkParadox Productions

I have an awesome kit to show you today!  It's called "Queen of Hearts" and is made by the fantastic PinkParadox Productions.  It features elements that are red/black and gothic with a touch of Wonderland.  This kit has 150 elements, 14 frames & 30 papers.  I've paired it with tubes from Arthur Crowe & José Cano.  For the month of March this kit is 30% off making it only $1.75!  Hurry before this sale ends!  Here's a preview of the kit:

Pick up the kit HERE at PinkParadox's private store and while you're there check out her other beautiful kits!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CT PTU Tutorial "Sleeping Beauty" Kit by PinkParadox & "Tina" Tube by Célinart Pinup

Supplies Needed:

Photo Editing Software:  I am using Paint Shop Pro, but any editing software will work.

Kit: "Sleeping Beauty" by PinkParadox Productions; this is a PTU kit, do NOT share it.

Tube: "Tina" by Célinart Pinup; this is a PTU tube, do not use without proper license.

Mask: "WSL_Mask 220" by weescotslass.

Plugins: Xero - Radiance



Font: Pixelette (Copyright), Smokey SF (Name)

(Elements with a "*" beside them are duplicated & mirrored)

Let's get started!

Open up a new canvas (I always make mine 650 x 650 with transparent checked) and copy/paste element 73.  Resize/sharpen it, mirror and duplicate and arrange side by side.  Copy/paste your tube of choice, resize/sharpen and add Xero-Radiance.  I usually press the "random" button until I get something I like =)  Copy/paste/resize/sharpen paper "1" and place below the window layers, erasing any excess paper.

Now for the elements!  Copy/paste your elements one at a time onto your canvas, feel free to use my tag as an example for placement.  In the elements list I starred (*) the ones that I duplicated and mirrored!  Now that you've gotten all your elements on there it's time for the mask.  Copy/paste paper "26" and apply your mask.  Resize/sharpen as you prefer and then I mirrored and duplicated.  Go ahead and add your desired drop shadow to all your elements and tube.  (For elements I use 0, 0, 75, 6.99, black & for the tube I use 2, 2, 75, 6.99, black).

Now add your name & copyrights and you're done!  I love seeing anything you make with my tutorials so please feel free to post your creations below in the comments!!

This tutorial was written by me, Ruinations by Hayleigh, on March 26, 2014.  It was made using my own imagination and any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  I wrote this tutorial assuming you have working knowledge of PSP.  Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own.

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CT Tag Showoff "Summer Hideaway" Jackie's Jewels

I have a fabulous kit to show-off to you today!!  It's called "Summer Hideaway" and is by the fantastic Jackie of Jackie's Jewels.  This kit is a gorgeous blend of colors representing summer and is perfect for picnic/summer tags!  I have paired it with tubes from Ellie Milk (found at PicsForDesign) and Amy Matthews (found at CreativeDesignOutlet).  Pick this kit up at PimpinPSPersWarehouse and while you're there check out Jackie's other fabulous kits!  Here's a preview of the kit:

Go HERE to purchase the kit, and HERE to check out all of Jackie's kits!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CT Tag Showoff "Pirate's Cove" PinkParadox Productions

I have such an awesome kit to show you today!  I love love love this kit and could make so many tags from it!  It's called "Pirate's Cove" and is by the fabulous PinkParadox Productions.  It has so many options for mermaid/ocean/pirate tags!  Comes with 116 elements, 11 frames & 27 papers.  All of the papers are gorgeous and full of scenery!  I paired this kit with fabulous tubes from Alehandra_Vanhek & Di_Halim and can be found at PicsForDesign.  As a bonus, this kit is on sale (30% off for the month of March) and when you purchase it you can get $0.08 in rewards and comes with 4 wordarts.  Here's a preview of the kit:

Purchase it at PinkParadox's private store HERE!

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