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Thursday, October 24, 2013

CT Tag "Beautiful Fantasy"

I have a really awesome kit and tube to show you guys today!  First, the kit.  This kit is called "Beautiful Fantasy" and it is by the fantastic PinkParadox Productions!  It has so many possibilities!  Fantasy/winter/fairytale/girly...the possibilities are endless.  With gorgeous shades of pink, blue, green and purple it matches well with many tubes!  It has a massive 135 elements, 15 frames and 30 papers!  Also right now ALL of PinkParadox's kits are 40% off so get it while it's on sale and the price is low!  The tube I used in the tag is called Harvest Angel by the wonderful Ninaste.  This tube has several different layers including a winter, BCA, Halloween, girl next door and sexy...the layer I used is just a taste of what you get when you purchase this tube!  Find the kit HERE and the tube HERE!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CT Tag "BCA - A Girl's Heart"

Today, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have an awesome kit to show you.  This kit is in honor of all the ladies out there that have suffered through breast cancer or anyone who has known someone with breast cancer.  It's called "BCA - A Girl's Heart" and is available now for purchase at PinkParadox Productions private store.  The tube used in the show-off tag I made is "Betsy" by Verymany and is available at PicsforDesign now.  As a bonus, buy this kit and 50% of the proceeds from the kit will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Pick up the kit HERE and the tube HERE!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

CT Tag "Toxic"

I have something awesome to show you guys!  It's a kit that is coming soon to PinkParadox Productions private store called "Toxic"  This kit is huge and full of so many fun elements perfect for tagging!  Featured in this tag is just a taste of those amazing elements.  I used "Party Skull" by Arthur Crowe in the above show-off tag.  Pick up the kit HERE when it's released and the tube HERE!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

CT Tag "Love Kills Slowly"

Hey!  I have an awesome kit to show you today.  It's called "Love Kills Slowly" by PinkParadox Productions and is a dark kit featuring hues of red, gray & white.  The kit contains 130 elements, 15 frames & 25 papers.  As a bonus, all of PinkParadox's kits are 25% off for the month of October so now is the perfect time to go purchase this one!  Pick up the kit HERE and the tube used in this tag HERE.  Tag artwork ©Anna Marine.

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CT Tag "Biker Princess"

Today I have an awesome kit for you to check out!  It's called "Biker Princess" and is by the wonderful PinkParadox Productions.  It's a perfect match to Verymany's new tube "Ashley" which is featured in the tag I have made.  It matches well with many other tubes as well.  With beautiful hues of blue and black, containing 110 elements, 15 frames & 25 papers.  It's available now for purchase (and also on a limited time only sale of 25% off!!!) at PinkParadox's private store.  Find the kit for sale HERE and the tube for purchase HERE!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CT Tag "Fairytales & Fantasy"

Hey!  I have a spectacular kit to show you today!  It is made by PinkParadox Productions and is called "Fairytales & Fantasy."  It is a magical kit, containing 130 elements, 15 frames & 25 papers, and is perfect for fairy/sparkle/fantasy tags.  The tube I used in the show-off tag above is a PicsForDesign Exclusive tube.  PinkParadox's kits are also on sale right now so head over to the store to check everything out!  Kit can be found HERE & the tube is available HERE.

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